Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Time To Move On: When?


When is it the right time to move on? If it was a painful breakup does it mean that I should take MORE time to heal before moving on?

If I move on immediately does it mean that I'm just covering up the pain and that i'm not sincere in what i feel?

When is it the RIGHT TIME to move on?


*** comments on All (Good) Things Come to an End ***

daybyday4-2day: I really wish we could become good friends.

layla: 2 years together... we never kissed :(

tea: thanks for visiting. I know. thinking about it makes me want to cry, too.

*** comments on Discontent ***

layla: it's because i don't want to move on. I want to stay with him. I wish i was younger and more stupid (sigh)

may: thank you. One would think that seeing pain in patients would make me numb to this kind of pain... not even close.

daybyday4-2day: (sigh) i understand what you both mean. thank you.

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