Thursday, March 9, 2006

Impending Death...

... of my PC

About 1 month ago, my PC started having trouble booting up and there were also problems with the display. I changed the video card and power supply. Everything went smoothly for about 1 month.

The other day, I came home from duty and the computer refused to boot up. No harddisk activity, no flicker on the monitor... no nothing! I couldn't blog!!!

Just a few minutes ago, i decided to take out 1 memory chip and well... the computer started up with 256MB less of memory. I hope that that was the problem. I guess I have to face it... my PC, after 3 years of faithful service, is about to leave us. Whaaa!!! Just thinking about all the program installations and program updates (Dialup!!!) I have to go through again brings tears to my eyes.
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