Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Sick Leave... Not!

There are 3 of us doctors rotating on 24-hour duty at Dr. Ds Clinic. Unfortunately, 1 had to go on leave for this month. I'm on 24-hr duty every 2 days and it isn't a good time get sick. Unfortunately, viruses aren't very considerate. While on duty yesterday, I developed what i diagnose to be intestinal flu - fever, vomiting, diarrhea. Its hard to keep up appearances while receiving patients.

Just the smell or sight of food made me nauseaous. Somehow i made it through the 24-hr period but i decided that i had to have intravenous fluids since i didn't have appetite. Once i got home this morning i asked my mom (also a doctor) to stick an IV line so i could get hydrated.

I'm typing this post with just my left hand so please pardon any misspelt words =) and yes, I have to go on 24-hr duty tomorrow because there are just the 2 of us alternating.
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