Thursday, January 12, 2006

Is This New to You?

I'm still having a drought of topics to post about. I have 3 blogs and it was still 2005 when i last posted in 2 of them. I've been scanning health headlines recently and maybe its just me but some of the recent findings researchers have reported don't seem to be worth the money and effort just to prove something... but that's the trend - Evidence based Medicine. Here are some of those headlines:

Alcohol ads boost drinking among young: study --> why do you think they make ads?

Cheerleaders run high risk of injury: study --> Would getting rid of the pompoms help?

Women who cut dietary fat lose weight: study --> isn't decreasing fat intake a 'must' in dieting

Children with asthma often miss school --> I wonder why!

Heavy, poorly positioned backpacks hard on kids --> Must have took them a long time to find out

and the most useless headline (not health related):

Microsoft warns of critical Windows security flaws --> HAHAHAHAHA!!!

NO, I didn't read the contents :)
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