Thursday, September 15, 2005

Waiting for the Sun

Overcast skies over Eastwood

This is the 2nd day it has been raining here in Metro Manila. I seems that the weather has gotten to me. I just got back from an interview (finally!) for a job I was applying for (no, it's not as a physician). The problem is that the salary is just the same as what I would receive if I started my residency training.

I know you're wondering why I'm actually applying for other jobs now that I've even passed the recent board exams. It's so hard to explain but at the same time, so easy - It's about TIME.

Going into residency training would mean being in the hospital on average of 96hrs a week. Rare day offs, no weekends free, no holidays, not enough sleep, no specific working hours, no time for myself. It sounds selfish but I won't have time for myself. Whatever personal relationships I have will be put to the test. Friendships will be put on hold - of course they'll understand - but that won't make me feel better. And to top it all off - I'll get paid exactly the same amount for an 8-5 job @ 5 days a week!

It's easy to say that in a few years (3-5 years) I'll be a consultant and make my own working hours. But will it be worth it? No, I wasn't forced into this profession but I wasn't 100% for it either. But I'm here now and at my age I don't have time to waste - there it is again - TIME.

I hope the sun finally shines through tomorrow. I know I need it.
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